Chamber Email Communication Policytwitter-bird-what-policy

Emails will be sent for the following reasons:

  • Participation in Chamber Events/Activities
  • Reminders of Chamber Events/Activities

Emails will not be sent regarding:

  • Individual business promotion
  • Non-Chamber Events

The Chamber Communications Director will send out a Monthly Chamber Newsletter to highlight upcoming Chamber events. The newsletter will be sent out in the form of a link contained in an email to members who have provided an email address.

Website Advertising Policy

  • Calendar – No charge for events to Chamber Members. Non-Chamber events will not be included, unless approved by the Advertising Committee.
  • Three Banner ads will be available at $25 per month on the homepage and on sidebars of certain additional website pages. A limit of up to 5 spaces reserved during the enrollment period. Additional ads can be reserved if available after the enrollment period
  • One Business Spotlight at $100 per month will be available starting in January. Ad will be linked to an article on the website written by business person and revised by Communications Director. Reserved during the enrollment period.
  • If interested in placing an ad, contact us HERE.

Chamber Facebook/Social Media Advertising/Communication Policy

The Facebook Manager follows local business Facebook pages and makes an effort to promote local business and community events by sharing or posting it on the Chamber Facebook page. The Facebook Manager will share Chamber business posts as requested by businesses at the Facebook Manager’s discretion.

Facebook Manager will create an “event page” on the Chamber’s Facebook page, not more than one month prior to the actual event, and will be done so at the request of committee chairs.

The Facebook Manager will boost only Chamber Events as requested by the various chamber committees.  The cost of boosting the events will be posted as part of the committees’ budget.