kiosk1Annandale Area Chamber of Commerce Kiosk

The Kiosk was built by the Annandale Lions club and donated to the Annandale Chamber. It is on land owned by the City of Annandale but is managed by the Chamber. The Kiosk is meant to serve several purposes. It is a great center piece for the city of Annandale and is located at the end of Main Street at the intersection of HWY 55 and Oak Ave. In 2015 the Kiosk was updated to add a Window for the purposes of using it as a visitor/tourist center. There is also a map of the Lakes Area and an opportunity to advertise in the Kiosk Brochure rack program. An additional advertising opportunity is available to hang banners on posts in front of the kiosk.

Kiosk Maintenance 

The kiosk is to be properly maintained to make sure that the façade of the kiosk remains appealing. Volunteer efforts will be coordinated to make updates or paint the kiosk on an as needed basis (although every 2 years is recommended) by the Downtown Committee.

Visitor Center / Tourists Information

The Kiosk will be available on Saturdays during the summer and special events year round to provide a location for a volunteer to sit in and give tourists information about the area and direct them to local chamber attractions.  Contact Alyssa at American Family Insurance for a volunteer schedule and a key.

Kiosk Banner Posts Advertising

When the kiosk was renovated in 2014 it brought a much needed facelift to the former Kiosk façade. As a result of the update it was determined that a new policy needed to be in place to no longer allow banners to be hung directly on the kiosk as it is damaging to the paint and impedes the view of the window and the area map. As of 2016 posts have been installed in front of the kiosk to fulfill this need for advertising.

Rules for advertising on the Kiosk banner posts (click HERE for available dates)

  • You must contact the Chamber Communication Director to check for availability.
  • Annandale Chamber events take precedence over any other advertising. If there is a chamber event they will be allowed to advertise at no cost 7 days before the event.
  • Advertising is available to Chamber Businesses for $25/week and limited to two weeks in succession. The banner must be removed after the 7 or 14 day period by the owner. If it isn’t removed, a representative from the Chamber will take down the banner and store it in the kiosk until you are able to pick it up.
  • Your banner must fit space of the posts and not be too big or small so that the look is still appealing.

Kiosk Brochure Advertising

  • Each business can rent one brochure display per year.kiosk2-rack
  • All rent proceeds go directly to the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Businesses will each have a label on their display, so there is no confusion, first come first served.
  • Each business is responsible for the literature in their own display- restocking- and keeping content fresh- However if you do not take care of your box, it is frequently empty, or otherwise unattended we will revoke your box with no refund given. You will receive 1 warning before this happens.
  • The chamber will have its own display to update the community on upcoming events.
  • There will be a limited amount of space available.
  • There are 16 total smaller brochure size 4×9 available for $50 a year, also 5 larger 8 1/2×11 size boxes available- that rent will be $75 a year. First come, first served- please do not rent these unless you have a large booklet for the community. (IE Real Estate Guide, Summer Guides, etc)
  • Your business must be a member of the Chamber to participate.
  • The Chamber board has the right to deny any materials deemed inappropriate
  • Space is not guaranteed

Advertising Order for Kiosk Brochure Racks







Please include a check written to: Annandale Chamber of Commerce

In the notes section of your check please notate that your check is for Kiosk Brochure Advertising.

Mail this form and  your check to:

Annandale Area Chamber of Commerce / PO Box 417 / Annandale MN 55302

Orders are taken first come, first served. There is limited space available. You will be notified the date we plan to install the displays. But, please start planning your advertisements now.

We will let you know when it is time to fill your display. Your box will have your business name on it, do not put your advertisements in any other box.

A great way to gauge your return would be to include coupons on your advertising.

Each business would be responsible for the literature in their own display- restocking- and keeping content fresh- However if you do not take care of your box, it is frequently empty, rent unpaid, or otherwise unattended, we will revoke your box with no refund given. You will receive 1 warning before this happens. Please keep content family friendly.

Please sign below that you agree to these terms, and understand your items can and will be removed if necessary at any time.

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