#HalftimeChallenge is back for season number 8 – all we’re missing is you!

Halftime Challenge, of course, is a successful and popular Chamber promotion during halftime of the boys and girls varsity basketball games. We draw one youth (8th grade and under), and one adult (9th grade and up) to participate in the “Challenge” – the youth have 30 seconds to make 3 layups, for free games of bowling and a basketball.

The adult has the opportunity to attempt a layup (*worth $10 of Keller Kash), a free throw (*worth $20 to Annandale Embroidery), a 3-point shot (*$30 gift from State Farm), and the half-court shot (starting at $500 with a progressive jackpot).

So, what do we need FROM you, and what’s in it FOR you?

We have 23 home dates between both the boys and girls varsity teams; we would love to have a local business sponsor for each game.

*Click here for game availability: Sponsorship Dates

To sponsor, we ask Chamber businesses for a $100 donation (your donation goes to the half-court shot jackpot) and ask that you to get people to sign up for the Challenge on their way into the gym – don’t worry, we’ll provide all the registration materials. In exchange, you get your own private “expo booth” just outside the home side of the gym. Please use this opportunity to greet people, shake hands and get your information into the hands of Annandale residents.

Then, at halftime, you will join me (Jeremy) on the court as I read your 15-30 second commercial to a “captive” audience waiting for the Challenge to begin, as well as several mentions over the PA as the announcer reminds people to sign up.

Just a reminder – dates are first come first served and almost always sell out – make sure you don’t miss your chance! *Did you look at the attached form, yet?


When do I need to be there?

It works best if you are set-up and ready to go by 6 PM (for a 7 PM tip-off). Jeremy is normally there by 5:30 PM or earlier each night to make sure the table, giant check, and our registration materials are ready for you. Fans are always waiting for him to finish so they can start signing up.

Can I do my own drawing/give away/t-shirts in addition to the Challenge?  

Absolutely! The more you can do to get people interested, the more you’ll be able to promote your brand.

Do I have to be a Chamber member to participate?

Yes, please. The Chamber started this promotion as a way not only to highlight the Chamber as whole with all we do, but also as an opportunity for member businesses. For membership information, please check out the Chamber website, or email me at the address below.

How/When Do I pay?

Once you sign up for your date, you will receive an invoice with your date and total; you pay the Chamber directly.

Please contact me via email should you have any questions or to reserve your date – jeremy@flamingoeventservice.com

Thank you, and #GoCards!