Board Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2005, 11:30 a.m.

Southbrook Golf Club, Annandale, MN

 President Charlene Donnelly called the meeting to order at 11:40 a.m.

Attendance: 11

Adoption/Amendment of Agenda

Marlene Young moved to approve the agenda, Jeff Lundquist second the motion. Motion carried.

Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes:

 Derek Groth made a motion to accept the minutes of the September 14th meeting.  Jeff Lundquist seconds the motion. Motion carried.

New Businesses in the Community:

Marlys Jeanne’s Hairstyling located next to Wright Way Laundry.  Don will contact Marlys for a Ribbon cutting around her grand opening.

 Treasurer’s Report:


 Committee Reports:

A.      Membership Committee – Discussion was held on the board of directors for 2006, Marlene Young and Jeff Lundquist will work as a nominating committee.   The next meeting is at the high school and membership letters will be going out December 1st, there was a discussion about dues and a motion was made by Marlene Young to raise dues $5.00 across the board.  Second was made by Jeff Lundquist and the motion carried.

B.       Ambassador Committee – Don will contact Marlys about a ribbon cutting for her new business and get the message out to everyone.

C.       Business Expo – No Report

D.      All-City Garage Sale – No Report

E.       Chili Cook-off – No Report

F.       Queen’s Committee –  No Report

G.       Fourth of July Committee -  No Report

H.      All Star Clown Show –

I.         Arts and Crafts – No Report

J.        Halloween – Trick or Treat Chamber businesses will be on Monday, October 31st from 3-5 p.m. Letter will go out soon to participate and be listed on the chamber ad.

K.      Community Christmas – Shop at Home and Support Your Local Businesses page will start on November 2nd in the Advocate.  Old Fashion Christmas will be held on Friday, December 2nd at the New Annandale Fire Hall.

L.       Social Committee – Mike will contact Dan and set up a date in January.

M.     Chamber Map – The lake associations are using the map and really appreciate them.  Suggested to start looking for a new picture of a Lake scene for next year.

N.      Kiosk – No Report

 Old Business

A.      Welcome Packets – Jeff Lundquist brought several different samples to choose from.  After much    

        discussion about content, a decision was made and will be pasted on to Eric.

 New Business – None

 Upcoming Meetings:

Next Meeting – Wednesday, November 9, 2005 at the High School


Jeff Lundquist made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Derek Groth second the motion, motion carried.  Meeting adjourned.