Board Meeting Minutes

July 14, 2004, 11:30 AM

Southbrook Golf Course, Annandale  MN

 President Marlene Young called the meeting to order at 11:30 AM.

Attendance:  20 Members

 Adoption / Amendment of Agenda:  Mike Zieska made a motion to accept the agenda. Karen Pitra 2nd the motion.  Motion carried.

 Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes:  Charlene Donnelly made a motion to accept the minutes of the June 2004 meeting.  Jeff Lundquist  2nd the motion.   Motion carried.

New Business in the Community:  None

Correspondence:  A thank you from the Arts/Culture Committee of Act for the generous donation to the Performance Stage Project.

Treasurerís Report:  A report was given by Marlene Young. Karen Pitra made a motion to approve treasurerís report.  Charlene Donnelly 2nd the motion.  Motion carried.

Committee Reports:

 8.a    Membership Committee

 No report

 8.b    Ambassador Committee

          No report    Don Nelson will resume being the chair of the committee.

 8.c    Business Expo

          No report

 8.d    All City Garage Sale

          No report

 8.e    Chili Cook-Off

          No report

 8.f    Queenís Committee

          We have 3 new Ambassadorís to represent Annandale.  A special thank you to our             

           2003-2004 ambassadorís.  A job well done. 

 8.g    Fourth of July Committee

          Bryan Bruns reported that all went very well and we had a large crowd for all 

           events for the week-end.

8.h    Arts and Crafts

         Karen Pitra reported that all is ready, asked for volunteers for directing traffic in the morning of the craft sale.   Charlene Donnelly and Mary Wilson volunteered to help.

 8.i    Golf Tournament

         All information is out on tournament, please get your entry fees & team roster in as soon as possible for this fun day at Albion Ridges Golf Course.

 8.j    Halloween

         No report

 8.k   Community Christmas

          No report

 8.l    Social Committee

          No report

 8.m   Chamber Map

           Maps can be picked up at MCP Collision Center.

8.n     Kiosk

          No report                

 9.       Old Business:

          All Clown Show (Mooseburger Camp) Clown show is moving along nicely.  Volunteers will be needed for that evening.  Contact Jeff Lundquist or Mike Zieska if your interested.

          Performance Stage

           Jeff Lundquist and Mike Zieska went and checked out the performance stage and reported that it was a very nice unit.  Businesses are signing up for advertising on the stage, so if your interested make sure you contact either Jeff or Mike.          

10.     New Business:


            It was discussed and decided to keep the insurance under the general fund. 

11.   Upcoming Events/Meetings

         Next meeting: August 11th, Golf Tournament at Albion Ridges Golf Course            

Adjournment:  Charlene Donnelly made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Karen Pitra 2nd the motion. Motion carried.

Minutes and Agenda respectfully submitted by Mary Wilson, Chamber Secretary.