Board Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2003, 11:30 AM

Blue Waters Family Restaurant, Annandale  MN


President Marlene Young called the meeting to order at 11:30 AM.

Attendance:   18 Members


Adoption / Amendment of Agenda: Under new business:  propose Board of Directors for 2004 and presentation as to where we are going next year.  Charlene Donnelly made motion to accept agenda and Mike Zieska 2nd the motion.  Motion carried.


Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes:  Doug Kantor made a motion to accept previous minutes of the November meeting.  Charlene Donnelly 2nd the motion.   Motion carried.


New Business in the Community:  TJ’s Dollar Discount


Correspondence:  A thank you from the MarketPlace.  Draft copies of proposed policy changes from MN Chamber (available from Marlene for review).


Treasurer’s Report:  Jeff Burkhardt gave report.  Charlene Donnelly made motion to accept report,  Doug Kantor 2nd the motion.   Motion carried.


Committee Reports:

 8.a    Membership Committee

  Membership letters were sent out 12/8/03.   Deadline for membership of January 31st if you want to be on the Chamber City Map. 

 8.b    Ambassador Committee

          Make appointment to welcome TJ’s Dollar Discount store.

 8.c    Business Expo

          Date is April 3, 2004.   Information and sign-up will be out soon.

 8.d    All City Garage Sale

           No report

 8.e    Chili Cook-Off

           No report

 8.f    Queen’s Committee

          No report 

 8.g    Fourth of July Committee

          4th of July is on a Sunday, parade at 2:00 PM.    More information will be coming.

8.h    Arts and Crafts

         Possibly a 2nd show (a holiday one) around the 1st part of October   

 8.i    Golf Tournament

         Albion Golf Course will host next year’s golf tournament.   A 9-hole tournament              

         starting later in the afternoon with dinner and prizes following.



8.j    Halloween

         No report

8.k   Community Christmas

         A huge success again.

8.l    Social Committee

         Social set for January 22, 2004 at Reichel’s Catering Service.  Any new ideas       

         please contact Dan Zahler.


9.0        Old Business:

A. Chamber Map:  Don Nelson will work with Kari from Medallion Media.

B.     Financial Request Letter:  Lots of requests are being made to the Chamber for  

      donations.  A letter was drafted to hand out to organizations and individuals to 

      let them know that the Annandale Chamber is not a charter to give out 

     donations. Motion was made by Mike Zieska to accept this letter.  Doug Kantor 

     2nd the motion.  Motion carried.           


10. New Business:

A.     Board of Directors presentation as to where the Chamber is going in 2004 – 



11.   Upcoming Events/Meetings

           January 14, 2004, Board meeting at 11:30 AM, Southbrook Golf Club          

           January 22, 2004, Chamber Social Event at Reichel’s Catering Service


12.     Adjournment:   Charlene Donnelly made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Mike

          Zieska  2nd the motion.   Motion carried.


Minutes and Agenda respectfully submitted by Mary Wilson, Chamber Secretary.