From: MCP Collision Center []
Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2003 12:07 PM
To: Kantor, Douglas G
Subject: chamber minutes



Board Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2003, 11:30 AM

Lake Center Bar & Grill, Annandale  MN


President Marlene Young called the meeting to order at 11:30 AM.

Attendance:   17 Members


Adoption / Amendment of Agenda:  Doug Kantor made motion to accept agenda and Charlene Donnelly 2nd the motion.  Motion carried.


Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes:  Charlene Donnelly made a motion to accept previous minutes of the September meeting.   Doug Kantor 2nd the motion.   Motion carried.


New Business in the Community:  Lamprecht & Bajari


Correspondence:  Announcement of a new NH Property Management Senior Housing & American Red Cross has winter emergency car kits for sale.


Treasurer’s Report:  No report was given.


Committee Reports:

 8.a    Membership Committee

 Membership letters are coming soon, watch your mailbox!!  

 8.b    Ambassador Committee

          No report.

 8.c    Business Expo

           No report.                            

 8.d    All City Garage Sale

           No report

 8.e    Chili Cook-Off

           No report

 8.f    Queen’s Committee

          No report 

 8.g    Fourth of July Committee

          No report

8.h    Arts and Crafts

         Karen Pitra was very pleased with the results of the arts & craft fair.  Crafters are    

         already signing up for next year’s sale. We will also have a need for more 

         volunteers.  The committee is also thinking of a Holiday Craft Fair for next year.   

 8.i    Golf Tournament

         Albion Golf Course will host next year’s golf tournament.  Cal will help Marlene   

         & Mary co-chair the tournament            


8.j    Halloween

         Had a great turn out with little ghosts and goblins.  Will do project again next year.

8.k   Community Christmas

         Christmas boxes were distributed to local businesses for the drawings on December

          5th.   The Winter Fest project was tabled until next year with Doug Kantor making

          a motion to do so and Charlene Donnelly 2nd the motion.  Motion carried.  Make

          sure everyone attends the Old Fashioned Tree Lighting on December 5th at 5:30 


8.l    Social Committee

         A date for the social will be set at the December meeting.


9.0        Old Business:

A. Budgets:   All committee heads should have their budgets ready to turn in to the         

     Treasurer at the December meeting.

B.     Nominating Committee:

The nominating committee has a slate of Directors for the year of 2004: 

       Karen Pitra

       Jeff Lundquist

       Chad Spaulding

       Brent Morningstar

       Mike Zieska

       Charlene Donnally

       Marlene Young

Doug Kantor made a motion to accept the slate of directors and Charlene Donnelly 2nd the motion.  Motion carried.


 10. New Business:

A.     Area Map – The Committee was given the go-ahead to continue to work on the map.  Don Nelson and Mike Zieska will continue to chair the committee.  A

deadline of January 31st is set to have your membership in to be included on

the map.

11.     Upcoming Events/Meetings

           December 5, 2003:  Old Fashioned Tree Lighting at Annandale Fire Hall          

           December 10, 2003 at 11:30 AM , Blue Waters Family Restaurant        


12.       Adjournment:   Charlene Donnelly made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Doug   

            Kantor  2nd the motion.   Motion carried.


Minutes and Agenda respectfully submitted by Mary Wilson, Chamber Secretary.