Board Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2003, 11:30 AM

Southbrook Golf Course, Annandale  MN



President Marlene Young called the meeting to order at 11:30 AM.

Attendance:    19 Members


Adoption / Amendment of agenda: 

Mark Casey made a motion to accept agenda, Derek Groth 2nd the motion. Motion carried.


Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes:

Motion made by Mike Zieska to approve minutes from the January 8th meeting, Charlene Donnelly 2nd  the motion.  Motion carried


New Business in the Community:  None


Correspondence:  Couple of nice thank you cards on the winter social.


Treasurer’s Report:  None


Committee Reports:

7.A    Membership Committee

 125 paid members as of the January meeting.    

7.B    Business Expo

           Information packets went out.  Everything is moving along fine.  Remember to get 

           your registration in soon for the Expo.  Expo meeting March 5th at the Homestyle 

           Café, 11 AM.                                

7.C    All City Garage Sale

          Saturday, May 3rd, 2003        

7.D    Queen’s Committee

It’s time to get sponsors and candidates for the 2003 Annandale Ambassador Program.  If interested contact Vicki Zieska (320/274-8283) or BA Breese (320/274-8900).      

7.E     Fourth of July Committee

No report.

7.F     Arts and Crafts

           Registration forms have been sent out and are coming back in already. The Arts & 

           Craft Fair will be moved to the high school this year.   Date is August 9th. 

7.G     Golf Tournament

           More information  at next meeting.

7.H     Community Christmas

No report.



7.I      Social Committee

           Good food and good networking between community businesses.  It was agreed to      

           have social again next year.


 8.0    Old Business:

8.1    After a detailed discussion a motion was made by Derek Groth, 2nd by Charlene Donnelly to have the Map Committee check with the Treasurer to see if we have a budget of $2000 to go ahead with the making of a new area map.   A more complete report from the committee will be at the next board meeting.   Don Nelson and Charlene Donnelly volunteered to be ambassadors for the chamber in getting out the area maps to businesses and lake associations. 

8.2    A special letter on the web site will be set-up for seasonal residents to welcome them back for the summer.


9.0          New Business:

9.1      The Kioski needs to be repaired and up-dated.   Derek Groth and Mike Zieska will meet with the Lions Club and report back at the next meeting who’s responsible for keeping this project up to date.  

9.2      Chili Cook-off.  This will be a welcome back for the seasonal residents.       

        Marlene Young will be the chair, with Charlene Donnelly assisting her.  Date 

        set for Saturday, May 24th.   The idea being that every business that wants to 

        share their favorite chili recipe, will set up in front of their business.  A central

         location will be set-up in the City Hall Parking Lot to pick-up maps and    

         return your vote on the BEST chili.  Prizes will be given out for the best  

         voted recipe. More details will be forthcoming.

9.3      Jim Latour, AMS (Employee Benefit Specialists) offered to give a seminar for all chamber members on new laws that are coming soon.  More details will be coming on the event.

9.4      We have a new Website master, Douglas Kantor , American Family Insurance

         has agreed to keep the website updated.   A special thank you to Jerry Carter,    

         Lakedale Communiations for the past work on the web site.  The web site 

         address is:   If any chamber member would like to    

         have  a link on the website please contact Doug at 274-8646.


10.     Upcoming Events/Meetings

           March Chamber Meeting – March 12, 2003, 11:30 at Southbrook Golf


11.     Adjournment:

           Charlene Donnelly made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Derek Groth  2nd the   

          motion.  Motion carried.


Minutes and Agenda respectfully submitted by Mary Wilson, Chamber Secretary.